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P for Perfect, P for Parineeti, P for Pristine!

Parineeti Chopra – the face of Pristine Properties!

What do we all look for before buying our perfect home? Quality Architecture, Trustworthiness, Transparency, Reliability, Strength and Stability. All of this together sounds like a perfect match, doesn’t it? Just like you, the beautiful Parineeti Chopra has finally found her perfect match in Pristine Properties. But what makes us Parineeti's and every homebuyer's perfect match? Well, we don't just put bricks and mortar into our homes, there’s love too. Each project crafted by Pristine Properties offers spacious abodes that are equipped with modern amenities and eye-catching architectural framework that collectively appeal to all homebuyers.

“Pristine has every quality that a person looks for in their new home. Trustworthiness, beautiful architecture, quality construction, and transparency. I think Pristine is every homebuyer's perfect match,” says Parineeti Chopra

Established in 1988, Pristine Properties is an enterprise that focuses on developing elegant gated communities and has established its presence in prime locations across Pune. It is also among the very few real estate companies in Pune to receive the prestigious CRISIL and ICRA ratings. With their new esteemed brand ambassador and authentic product offerings, Pristine is definitely living up to luxurious and jolly expectations.

“I’m happy to witness Parineeti becoming the flag bearer of our vision. She is the perfect match to represent the Pristine brand because she reflects all our qualities of trustworthiness, beauty and quality through her charming personality,” says Mr Pritam Goyal, Director, Pristine Properties.

P for Perfect, Pure, Prosperity, P for Parineeti, Pune & P for Pristine Properties.

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